Partial Client List

The following is a partial list of transportation and logistics industry leaders that get their competitive edge with LoadTech:

Enterprise Solution
Each enterprise below has hundreds of users, and dozens of locations, entities and divisions. LoadTech helps them move traffic as diverse as intermodal, piggyback, truckload, LTL, consolidation, cross-dock, haz, chemical, refrigerated and asset-based and non-asset-based. They often have international divisions where LoadTech is the system of choice. These systems are highly integrated and automated with other internal and external systems.

Enterprise Solution Clients using LoadTech

Corporate Solution
Those who use this LoadTech solution have dozens of users, and additional locations, entities, and divisions. LoadTech serves them in their brokerage, carrier, dray, 3PL, forwarding, ocean and air capacities with a myriad of move types. Some have highly sophisticated integrations with their customers.

Corporate Solution Clients using LoadTech

WorkGroup Solution
These emerging and established firms gain the power of LoadTech in a footprint and budget appropriate for their current size. Additionally, they have the peace of mind in knowing that they can upgrade their LoadTech platform as they grow. LoadTech contributes to making these smaller firms highly effective and profitable.

WorkGroup Solution Clients using LoadTech

Transportation/Logistics-focused Private Equity, Venture Capital and M&A
These leading venture capital, SPAC or private equity groups use LoadTech in their transportation and logistics holdings and acquisitions. ExpressTech provides the driving technology for organizational integration and roll-up for mergers, acquisitions and start-ups. LoadTech fits well in either a logistics buy-and-hold or IPO strategy.

Other Clients using LoadTech

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