Products & Modules

LoadTech Fits the Way You Move Freight

Whatever the size of your operation, LoadTech scales to your unique needs and freight traffic mix.

From dispatch and operations, to sales/CRM, pricing/rating, compliance, accounting, payroll, finance and much more — LoadTech handles traffic for all modes and improves all facets of the logistics enterprise. LoadTech is the ideal solution for asset-based, non-asset-based and asset-light firms.

Integrated Logistics Operations Modules (all transportation modes)
Transportation-specific Modules
Finance, Accounting and Payroll Modules and Integrators
Visibility and Logistics Web Portals (customer/shipper/vendor/carrier/agent/partner)
International and Domestic Transportation Modules
Business Intelligence and Decision Support
Integration, EDI and Collaboration Suites

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All LoadTech modules are business-rules based. That means that LoadTech adheres to, facilitates and enhances your practices, policies and procedures. Moreover, LoadTech has the intelligence to anticipate and meet your shippers' requirements. This makes LoadTech different... and better.

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